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Dictionary : English to Japanese pottery vocabulary for potters.

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For anyone interested in the Japanese vocabulary for pottery use, and want a FREE English to Japanese dictionary for potters, here is an
app, to use on your phone, tablet, or pad,

Potters Dictionary - touki jisho.

 Description: Free English to Japanese Dictionary for Potters and students of Pottery and Ceramics - Touki Jishou. A list of vocabulary set out in categories for Ceramic Art and Craft, listing words for Working with Clay, Decoration, Equipment, Firings, Materials and Glazes, Kilns, Pots, Process, and Small Tools. Many of the words you might come across in Japanese pottery studios and workshops. The listings show English to Japanese, with Kanji, Kana and Roumaji. Example; English word - Pottery Japanese - Kanji - 陶芸  Hiragana - とうげい  Roumaji - tougei. Share it as a free, amateur guide, not an authoritative source.


For iPhones, iPod, etc, Apple iTunes Store, AppStore > Education and then alphabetical, potters dictionary. 
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For Android or web page.
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