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Most pottery you can buy is made, in the main, by machines. It is made with high levels of technology, and produces a good result, cheaply. Some factories mechanically reproduce features imitating what a crafts-person leaves with the hand. Some factories add decoration by hand to a mass produced item. But generally in the shops, pottery crafted by hand in a small pottery workshop or studio, is hard to find. It is a dying cottage industry.

What you can buy cheaply is pottery adequate to most uses in the home. What is missed is the human relationship. Handmade pottery is all about the hand-maker. Handmade pottery, made by a local potter, using local materials, preparing their own glazes, adding unique design and decoration, brings a human quality to the pottery. This human relationship with the pottery is what can be felt each time the handmade pottery is handled. To have a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, to sit down for a meal, and to enjoy food, it can all be enriched with handmade pottery made by the hand-maker. It is sharing and binding with the skills and talent embodied in natural, sustainable, living.

Please have a look at the Teapots.

Shown is a range of teapots I have made over the years.  You can see more in the Gallery.  For the current  available selection please go to Sales.

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Genuine Australian Art and Craft made in the traditional craft style, designed and produced locally, in studio, by the artist craftsman. The pottery is signed by the maker, Peter. Each piece is unique. An exploration in pottery making.

 Each pot is intended to be a functional and creative object reflecting the hand of the maker. Some have unique features, such as hand modelling and shaping to the body, handle or spout.  Please check the photo.

Made to the best standards using quality materials, this is midfire (earthenware/stoneware) ceramic, wheel-thrown, hand crafted, pottery. The pot is glazed with the potters own midfire ceramic glaze fired to approx. 1150 C, 2100 F, and is suitable for use in the home.  Teapot Capacity is  2-3 cups (1 cup = 200-250ml).   Standard cup measurement is really the volume of a typical mug.

Peter Stephens Artist - Potter

 old man pottery teapots

Elizabeth Park Adelaide          South Australia  5113       AUSTRALIA


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Handcrafted pottery is unique not merely because it is made by the hand of the potter, but because in the face of industrial mass production, there is the individual potter.

The pictures  of the teapots illustrate  a small sampling of the potter working freely, and experimentally, and not working to a pattern or a  mold. Feel free to look around and let me know what you think.

If you have any comments or questions  contact me by e-mail:  peter_stephens@yahoo.com

For the purchase of a teapot please go to the Sales page.

I'm looking forward to sharing with you the beauty and enjoyment of a handmade, handcrafted, teapot.